"What Should I Look For When Buying A Mattress" TGWTF tips for finding the right mattress for you

The most expensive mattress isn't the mattress you need.

Focus on your comfort! Don't go out and look for the most expensive mattress you can find. This will not guarantee the mattress will meet your comfort needs. You need to look at more than the price when searching for a mattress. You need to test the mattress and know you want to sleep on for another 8 years BEFORE YOU BUY.

Find the size that suits your needs

Knowing what mattress size to look for comes down to your needs. The 4 most common mattress sizes are King, Queen, Full, and Twin. Some would also mention the California Kings (A WASTE OF MONEY). These are usually harder to find and extremely priced. You can get the first 4 at TGWTF for a great price!

Factors you want to take into account when choosing your mattress size are as followed. Your room size, number of people that will be in bed, and the amount of PERSONAL SPACE you need to be comfortable. (ex:)

If you have a small room a king may be too big for you, but if 2 people will be sleeping in the bed a full and a twin may be too small. Alternatively if you buy a queen it wont take up as much space, but still allow you to have some personal space.

If you are the only one in the bed a Full would free up more space in the room while giving you more sleep space than a twin. Unless the bed is for a child where a Twin would be perfect.

Test the mattress

The most important step when looking for a mattress is to TEST the mattress. Kudos to the people who buy a mattress online and get it and love them. That's great but no one ever talks about the people who get the mattress and hate it. If the retailer has a exchange or refund program, you have to get the mattress to them, AND you then have to wait for a new one….. That sounds like a long time to be sleeping on the floor.

This is why I always tell people to go somewhere, anywhere! Even if it's not TGWTF, go and at least sit on the mattress before you buy it. I understand that with covid people may not want to lay on the mattress when shopping. But you need to make sure that the mattress meets your comfort, and spatial needs. This important because sleep is essential for your health. Without sleep our bodies are unable to function to its best capabilities.

SO i recommend that if you are looking for a new mattress you come in and see That Guy With The Furniture. You can make an appointment HERE.

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